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How's It Hanging

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Lucas Nimny, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. Lucas Nimny

    Lucas Nimny

    AWP Bhop: Rank#614
    Hi, it's me Nimny coming at you with that live cringe. Instantly rejected from 3 band groups because they said I was too l-i-t. My age isn't important, but if you're looking for a good time, I'm here for you. Just remember, that in September, you won't yell timber, cuz you got tinder.
    PeAcE OuT YaLl,
    NiMnAl OuT.
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  2. vape

    vape Staff Member Admin

    Deagle: Rank#42
    Multi1v1: Rank#3
    AWP Bhop: Rank#168
    Hi I'm vape
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  3. Lucas Nimny

    Lucas Nimny

    AWP Bhop: Rank#614
    Yo, what's the hap hap's vape. How ya' doing dawg? Nice to me't ya
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  4. Einstein

    Einstein Staff Member Mod

    Deagle: Rank#6265
    Multi1v1: Rank#21
    AWP Bhop: Rank#16054
    Helllllo Nimny, what servers do you play on? <3
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  5. sampson


    Multi1v1: Rank#1764
    Whats up Lucas
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  6. <HEART3

    <HEART3 Staff Member Admin

    Deagle: Rank#17
    Multi1v1: Rank#5
    AWP Bhop: Rank#682
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  7. Illicit

    Illicit Staff Member Admin

    Deagle: Rank#116
    Multi1v1: Rank#56
    AWP Bhop: Rank#326
    Sup Mr. Litty Tiddie?
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