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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jigsaw, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Jigsaw


    Deagle: Rank#41
    Multi1v1: Rank#2573
    AWP Bhop: Rank#84
    I’m going to be gone for the week. Taking a trip to Hawaii which is a place I haven’t been before so I am very excited. Good luck @Brezzzy without your carry lol
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  2. Ant

    Ant Staff Member Owner

    Deagle: Rank#705
    Multi1v1: Rank#50
    AWP Bhop: Rank#69
    Have a fun and safe trip dood.
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  3. Scrubzero


    Deagle: Rank#6493
    Multi1v1: Rank#276
    AWP Bhop: Rank#48
    Have a good trip see you when you get back
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  4. Brezzzy

    Brezzzy Mod

    Deagle: Rank#37
    Multi1v1: Rank#103
    AWP Bhop: Rank#28
    Brrooo! Your gonna miss the carry! I will miss you <3!
  5. Dylxn


    Deagle: Rank#6493
    Multi1v1: Rank#1032
    AWP Bhop: Rank#16086
    Dude! Hawaii is gonna be lit, take some pictures and throw em on the forums man :D Have a safe trip bud!
  6. Frenchy


    Deagle: Rank#17
    Multi1v1: Rank#543
    AWP Bhop: Rank#215
    Have fun :laughing: